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Virtual and Plastic NextPay prepaid card

Easy, Reliable, Minimal Fees

Enjoy convenience, security and low costs by using NextPay prepaid cards. Pay online, offline at a POS or withdraw to any ATM worldwide.

Minimal fees and no monthly or annual charges. Withdraw your money worldwide, shop for free (POS transactions), get your cards funded by other Advanced Cash users instantly.

Plastic card

Personal card you can carry anywhere and use to spend funds of your account at any merchant online and offline. No monthly or annual fees and very low transaction fees.

  • 0 monthly fee
  • 0 transaction fees
  • 2.99 USD/EUR withdrawal in ATM
  • 3.000 USD/EUR ATM cash withdrawals limit
  • 3.000 USD/EUR card funding limit

Virtual card

A smart way to shop online. Control your spending and benefit from the security of a virtual card. No annual or monthly fees and very low transactionsfee.

  • 0 monthly fee
  • 0 transaction fees
  • Instant card creation for just 5 USD/EUR
  • Immediate availability
  • Issued for up to 2 years